Health: 15
Strength [STR]: 2
Discipline [DIS]: 3
Wisdom [WIS]: 3

Damage: 4/4
Defense: 1/4
Support: 1/4
Difficulty: 2/4

Spectral Walk (Action. First use is free): Move up to 2 spaces. You may add 1 to this movement if Azrael moves through an angel or demon (Maximum 1 bonus movement).

Reap (Action, +1 Courage, Range 1): Deal [STR] damage and add Cursed to a target demon.

Fever Break (Action, -1 Courage, Range 3): Target angel heals [WIS] damage and removes 1 affliction. Once per round, if you remove an affliction from yourself with this skill, it is a free action.

Locust Swarm (Action, -3 Courage, Range 4): Target up to 3 demons. Deal [DIS] damage and add wither to each target.