About Deliverance

If you’re looking to learn about the background of Deliverance or the design team behind it, you’ve come to the right place! Scroll down to learn about the designer, a statement of faith, the artists of Deliverance, and more!

Meet the Designer

Andrew Lowen is the designer of Deliverance. He set out to make something that would be everything he wanted in a board game without compromise.

His goals were twofold:

  1. Make an epic dungeon-crawler board game filled with innovative & challenging gameplay.
  2. Make an approachable & theologically sound fantasy game that was not preachy or sacrilegious.

The result was Deliverance. If you’d like to learn more about Andrew, watch the videos below!

A discussion of topics ranging from the philosophy of design for Deliverance to the underpinnings of Andrew’s faith, and more!

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Learn about Andrew’s history of gaming & which games, and what genres influenced the mechanics and design of Deliverance!

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About The Game

Deliverance is a co-op tactical adventure board game for 1-4 players with a “Christian Fantasy” theme of angels vs demons. The game features angels working together to protect saints and defeat the forces of Darkness through tactical combat and the power of Prayer.

As of the time of this writing, Deliverance is the highest-grossing Christian crowdfunded board game of all time (View the Kickstarter Campaign here).

“In Deliverance, you take on the role of an elite angelic warrior in the army of Heaven. Since the victory on the Cross, you hunt the fallen angelic Princes. Once your faithful brethren, they now lead Satan’s forces of Darkness in a bitter war against the humans, bent on corrupting every last soul. In a bid to end their reign of chaos, you have planned a daring mission into one of their great Strongholds – The pleasant and quiet city of Fallbrook.

Armed with your weapons, courage, and your God-given angelic powers, you and your faithful allies must overcome legions of demons to slay their leader. But be watchful, for the darkness of the mortal world seems to be spreading into the spiritual realm…”

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Meet The Team

Dan Maynard – Lead Artist

Dan serves as the lead artist of Deliverance. You can see his art everywhere, from the box cover to the angels and demons. Even the borders of the cards bear his artistry. We love Dan. He tries hard, and loves discussing game’s design and ‘theory-crafting’ almost as much as leading the concept art! You can view more of Dan’s work on his website (click here).

Adam Glass – Game Development & Design

Adam has worked on Deliverance in several roles. He began work on Deliverance using his graphic design skills on early iterations of the game, and he was a really important helper in the development of the game. He now he serves as a game designer and developer for upcoming Deliverance expansions. Andrew will tell you that Deliverance would probably not exist without Adam. You can view some of his other designs on his website (click here).

Ian Tyrrell – Editor & Story Co-Author

Ian is our editor extraordinaire! Andrew credits him as the primary reason Deliverance is (mostly) sensible. He has read every word of Deliverance many times, and written lots of them, too! He co-authored the Campaign’s story with Andrew. He You can view his full portfolio of editing work on his website (click here).

Many more folks have helped worked on Deliverance. Thank you all for your hard work!

Tactics & Strategy

Are the Forces of Darkness grinding you into angel dust? Here are some helpful articles to aid you!

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Download the latest version of the Deliverance Rulebook here!

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Deliverance is available on Tabletop Simulator!

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Choose Your Angel

In Deliverance, you take on the role of an elite angelic warrior, blessed by God with stewardship of epic powers and holy relics to aid you in your battle against the darkness. Each angel has a distinct playstyle and numerous builds, and every angel can also be played solo! Which of the nine angels will you choose?

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