Health: 14
Strength [STR]: 2
Discipline [DIS]: 3
Wisdom [WIS]: 1

Damage: 2/4
Defense: 3/4
Support: 3/4
Difficulty: 3/4

Flight (No Courage Cost, Free Action then Action): Move up to [DIS] Spaces.

Stab (Gain 1 Courage, Action, Range 1): Deal [WIS] damage to target demon.

Field Medic (Pay 2 Courage, Free Action, Range 3): Choose one: Target angel heals [STR] damage; OR you heal 1 damage and draw a Prayer card.

Shield Discus (Pay 2 Courage, First use Free action, then Action, Range 3): Deal [DIS] damage to a demon, then test 7+. On success, deal 1 additional damage to that target.