Health: 15
Strength [STR]: 2
Discipline [DIS]: 3
Wisdom [WIS]: 2

Damage: 3/4
Defense: 1/4
Support: 2/4
Difficulty: 3/4

Ebb and Flow (Passive, Range *): You must move 1 space before OR after using an action.

Jab (Action, Gain 1 Courage, Range 1): Deal [WIS] damage to an adjacent demon. If you move with Ebb And Flow just before dealing damage with this skill, add 1 bonus damage.

Rainfall (Free Action on first use, then Action, Pay 1 Courage, Range *): Move exactly 1 space, then heal [STR] damage from yourself or an adjacent angel.

Typhoon Spear (Action, Pay 2 Courage, Range *): Deal [DIS] damage to each demon that is exactly 2 spaces from you.