Health: 13
Strength [STR]: 3
Discipline [DIS]: 3
Wisdom [WIS]:

Damage: 1/4
Defense: 4/4
Support: 3/4
Difficulty: 2/4

Shifting Earth (Free action, the  action, No Courage Cost, Range *) Move up to 3 different targets on the battlefield 1 space each (saints, angels, or demons).

Smash (Action, +1 Courage, Range *): Deal [DIS] damage to an adjacent demon, gain 1 Shield.

Molten Shields (Action, -1 Courage, Range 3): Target gain [WIS] Shields. When used on Sardius heal 1.

Sinkhole (Free Action, +2 Courage, Range ∞) Move any demons on the battlefield 1 space toward Sardius, deal [STR] damage to nearest 2 demons in range.