Health: 12
Strength [STR]: 3
Discipline [DIS]: 1
Wisdom [WIS]: 4

Damage: 3/4
Defense: 1/4
Support: 4/4
Difficulty: 2/4

Lightfooted (Free action, then action, Range *): Move up to 3 spaces, then add light to your space.

Starlight (Action, +1 Courage, Range 2): Deal [DIS] damage to a demon. Add 1 bonus damage to this skill if you are in a space with light.

Glow (-1 Courage, Range 3): Add light to a space in a range, then target angel on or adjacent to that space heals [STR] damage.

Force Beam (Action, -2 Courage, Range 4): Deal [WIS] damage to demon, then move that target up to 2 spaces in any direction.