Stat Distribution (Health/Strength/Discipline/Wisdom): 10/2/3/2
Damage: 3/4
Defense: 3/4
Support: 1/4
Difficulty: 4/4

Serenity (Free Action then Action, No Courage Cost, Range* ): Move up to 2 spaces; OR heal 1 damage.

Hard Fist (Action, Gain 1 Courage, Range 1): Gain 1 Shield, then deal [STR] damage to a demon.

Deadened Nerves (Passive, No Courage Cost): Reduce all damage dealth to you by 1 (to a minimum of 1 damage).

Wayfaring Kicks (Action, 2 Courage Cost, Range *) Move up to 2 spaces. Deal [DIS] damage to up to 2 demons on or adjacent to these spaces.