What is Deliverance?

Deliverance is a fantasy adventure game about the spiritual warfare between Angels, Demons, and the humans caught in the middle.

You command one of ten unique Angelic heroes of Light and fight the forces of Darkness in the war between Heaven and Hell. You are tasked with destroying a Demonic Stronghold by assassinating the fallen Prince that commands the spiritual forces of wickedness in a modern-day town.

Danger grows as the Darkness intensifies after every round of battle. You must survive through a strong intensity mechanic represented by Darkness Cards as a wide array of demonic foes aim to slay you. The variety of dangers force meaningful player choices as you must decide how to spend your limited resources to overcome the darkness.

If you fail, the darkness will spread without end. Send your demonic adversaries to the abyss by the power of God, to be chained in darkness until their judgment day!

Players / Length

Deliverance is for 1-4 players, and takes 60 – 120 mins to play, depending on # of players. Game set-up time is only 5-10 minutes.

How Deliverance came to be…

To many, this might be a fun fiction theme for a game, but it’s real to me (and also a fun theme)!

is a game that began in my head in 2016 to solve a few problems that I encountered in my life.

First, the issue of kids impacting my playtime… Epic games that took hours to play became near-impossible.

Second, dealing with compromising of my Christian faith in the pursuit of that high-fantasy experience that I had grown so fond of over the years…

The problem is…

Mainstream media ruins almost everything.

It’s annoying to be forced to compromise in order to just have fun with an awesome game, book, show, or movie in today’s American media!

The rampant increase of sexual themes, ultra-violence, political agendas, and what IMDB calls “blasphemy” have annoyed me.

I have gone to such great lengths to find games, shows, and fun things that I can do with my family that don’t require me to stare at a pair of boobs, deep cleavage, ultra-violence, or be force-fed garbage political propaganda.

You may think I go to extreme lengths to avoid stuff like this instead of just endure it, but it has a pretty dramatic effect on a person (source: I am a person).

Mainstream media is a place where evil is called good, and where good is called evil.

The solution…

What I am hoping is that there are enough people out there like me that hope things like the new Tolkien-inspired Amazon show doesn’t get ruined with sex, ultra-violence, and evil.

I just want an epic fantasy experience that gives all of the sword swinging, spell slinging, evil slaying awesomeness of a really great game without compromising my Christian beliefs. Give me epic battles. Give me a story line that makes me beg for more. Give me wicked demons that will stop at nothing to rule the world, but call out evil for what it is. And give me legendary heroes of the Light who’s main missions are to fight said darkness.

And most of all, give it to me in a package that isn’t tainted with some evil supervillain quoting the Bible out of context during his big moment because the writers thought it sounds cool.

Thus, the idea behind Deliverance was born.

My vision

Deliverance is more than just a game – it is my view on what really takes place in the spiritual world all around us, wrapped in a high-fantasy style.

The Bible is full of epic descriptions of angels, demons, and the spiritual realm that still leaves so much to the imagination. Without getting into the specifics about what passages I am building upon (hint: all of them), there is a lot of room for creative interpretation here.

My first rule is that the game can’t compromise my faith as a Christian.

My second rule is that the game needs to be awesome, and every character needs to feel ultra powerful.

If it boiled down to “Bible Trivia: Angels and Demons Edition” then it would be a bad idea that should go nowhere.

But as things stand, the theme mixes perfectly with the mechanics, and the characters that I have developed and tested feel ridiculously awesome so far.

Why am I qualified to do this?

I am a lover of all things fantasy.

I have logged over 20,000 hours playing World of Warcraft.

I mastered Knights of the Round in FF7 like 4 times and killed Jenova with a single cast that was mimic’d like 16 times.

I once won a bet with my wife because I can repeat nearly word-for-word every line of dialogue in the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies (It’s “Fly, you fools”).

I have read nearly 60 fantasy books OUT LOUD with my wife, from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, to all Harry Potters, to Ranger’s Apprentice, to Lord of the Rings, to Frank Peretti novels (so relevant and awesome).

Seriously, you guys would be shocked at how much more effort reading takes when you’re doing it out loud… especially with 4 little kids.

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